Archer J. Maggott
Archer Maggott
Maggott being counseled by Captain Kinder


Telly Savalas




Raid at the Chateau Rennes Brittany


Early 1900's-Early 1910's Phenix City, Alabama


Killed in Action Operation Amnesty (Raid of the Chateau in Rennes Brittany)

Weapon of choice

M3 'Grease Gun' & M1 Garand Rifle (Wargames and Guard Duty)

Archer J. Maggott was a Dirty Dozen member of the team whom is a religious bullshit maniac whom was a rapist and also a insane man whom hates and dislikes women, he does as mentioned what he is called upon to do from time to time and is racist even with Jefferson whom his main target is, however though he would do nothing but to get what he deservers, unfortunately during the Mission he put all of the Dozen's lives in danger costing all but one member of the dozen to live only due to his ignorance he killed the girl at the chateau and their Jefferson killed him at point range resulting in his death putting to the end of Maggott for good. Archer J. Maggott is the main antagonist of the film and is portrayed by Telly Savalas one of the four Savalas brothers, both being Teddy. Gus and George his other brothers. also his character would later go onto the other two Dirty Dozen TV movies where he would play the role as Major Wright himself


  • In the novel, Maggott was a bigot from Alabama who had preyed on servicemen.
  • His traits were taken from prisoner and bible thumper Calvin Ezra Smith.
  • Unlike in the film, Maggott survived the raid but was listed as Missing in Action.
  • Telly Savalas was later cast into the last two Dirty Dozen TV movies as Major Wright.
  • George Kennedy wanted to portray the role of Maggott but director Robert Aldrich suggested that the role of Major Ambruster was better.

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