Carmine D'Agostino
Carmine D'Agostino


Erik Estrada







Weapon of choice

M3 'Grease Gun'.
Mk 2 Grenade

Private Carmine D'Agostino was sentenced to hang before being selected to join the Dirty Dozen. He was a former "hotshot syndicate hitman." At some point he begins working for the Germans as a spy in the Dirty Dozen. He was able to contact the Germans with a small transmitter he had hidden on his person, feeding the Germans information about the Dirty Dozen's plans. He was finally found out when he tried to kill Major Wright. He placed a grenade on the front of the train right where the Major was about to go, but the Major was ready for him and managed to throw it away before it exploded. He talked to D'Agostino about why he had betrayed them before shooting him.

Carmine might be born in Italy because Italy sided with the Germans.

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