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The Dirty Dozen, was a short lived series that had thirteen episodes produced though Fox cancelled the broadcasting of the show after only seven episodes were shown.


  • 1 Danko's Dozen

Lt. Danko recruits a new Dirty Dozen to destroy a German radar installation located inside a hospital.

  • 2 Codename: Romulas
  • 3 Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Luger

The Dozen, disguised as high-ranking officers, are the bait for a group of enemy assassins.

  • 4 13th Man

A German spy joins the Dozen on a mission to blow up a dam.

  • 5 A Quiet Weekend in the Country

The Dozen are sent on leave to an island off the coast of Scotland, just as German paratroopers land on it, hoping to kidnap General Eisenhower.

  • 6 Charge of the Dozen
  • 7 The Dirtiest Show on Earth

On a mission to assassinate high-ranking Nazi officers, the Dozen join a circus.

  • 8 Remember St. Luc

The lads much liberate a French town which is occupied by the Germans. Whilst there Danko is reunited with his former sweetheart, but finds that she too has been sleeping with the enemy.

  • 9 Heavy Duty

It's 1943, and an English Captain caught robbing a safe is sent to join the dozen on a mission to Denmark, to blow up a laboratory protected by solid steel and try to save some Danish prisoners.

  • 10 Don Danko

Lisbon, Portugal 1943. The Dozen must pose as mafia mobsters and use their inside knowledge of forgery, in order to stop a counterfeit money operation which is funding the Nazis.

  • 11 Baby Brigade

Paris, 1943. The Dozen must rescue a brave radio broadcaster who has been performing shows in drag for the Nazis whilst secretly sending messages to the allies. Caught by the Gestapo, they had begun forcing him to instead broadcast their propaganda in exchange for his baby daughter's life.

  • 12
  • 13

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