Sam Worden
Sam Worden


Ernest Borgnine


Major General


Allied Invasion of Italy (suggested)

Raid at the Chateau Rennes Brittany (suggested and planed by Worden for Reisman to go on)

Assassination of SS General Sepp Dietrich (planed by Reisman when he offered him a second chance to lead another Dirty Dozen)

Assault on Saint-Michel (planned for Major Wright but however one change of plan including going by sea instead of air despite the SS Colonel Krieger that had placed every monitored air traffic in that area)

Assault in Yugoslavia, (almost stopped until a traitor was in the midst feeding information about Major Wright)

Battle aboard car 2420, and assassination of General Richter (didn't communicate until later)


possible early 1900's or early 1910's


Alive as of 1944

Weapon of choice


Major General Sam Worden is the highest ranking officer at Allied HQ Headquarters, Worden however is one whom recruits Major Reisman and also Major Henrik Wright for leading any Dirty Dozen's handpicked by him for any missions, he is the main character and main protagonist throughout the Dirty Dozen films, seen in both The Dirty Dozen (1967), The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission, The Dirty Dozen: Deadly Mission, and The Dirty Dozen: Fatal Mission, series, he is portrayed by Ernest Borgnine a very incredible actor, his character is strong in the Dozen series and also explained to be more tough to the screen,

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